An Early Morning Photowalk

9 06 2011

I decided to wake up early this morning, to saunter around and to capture what I see. The word I tried to keep in mind as I was taking photos was ‘movement’. This is what I saw.

Morning Clouds


Early morning biker



Morning Tai Chi Practice

Victoria Park Trees

Sugarcane and Firehydrant




5 responses

9 06 2011

Excellent pictures 🙂 I like the contrast of colours. What made you so interested in photography?

9 06 2011

Thanks. I bought my first DSLR 3 years ago because I felt that photography was such a power medium of communication. It also makes me notice and reflect about the world around me a lot more – for example, I’ve grown to appreciate the beauty of light! Thanks for reading my blog.

9 06 2011

Reflections is a cool shot. Nice job!

16 06 2011
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27 06 2011
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