Photowalk, and You’re Never Too Old to Read

14 06 2011

With its 7 million people crammed into such a small area, Hong Kong is an ideal place for people watching – and people watching is wonderful for spotting movement.

Here are some of my observations from today’s little ramble around Sham Shui Po.

First, it was great to see people taking their time to sit down and enjoy a good read. Here was a good reminder that you’re never too old to read!

You're never too old to read.

More reading.

Even more reading.

Still more reading.

It was a good contrast from the scene on the train, where virtually everyone was glued to their phones.

Glued. To. Their. Phones.

A dying breed: books on trains.

Slightly more comical was this guy here – still only halfway through his huge chunk of watermelon, he’s already eyeing the durian!

Eating his watermelon, eyeing the durian!


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6 responses

14 06 2011
Benson Chiu

I also like reading very much especially those about history. 唐太宗李世民說過 – 以史為鑑,可知興替,以人為鏡,可知得失。Which kind of book or topic your like to read? Reading is a movement or stillness? What’s your view?

14 06 2011

Reading…I would say it’s both a movement and a stillness. Before starting this blog I would have classified it as solely a movement, but now that I think about it, movement and stillness do really come together in a pair most of the time! I think that’s why I like reading so much – the excitement of moving and learning, but also the calmness of reflecting. I’ve just finished reading ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ and reading Hamlet now, then moving on to ‘Watching the English’ and ‘Social and Cultural Anthropology – a very short introduction’. I don’t really know what I like reading best! Fiction and non-fiction are both great, although I do find that fiction/literature is more soothing and allows for more reflection.

14 06 2011

i like people watching too, it is so much fun, watching people, guessing their background, guess what they are talking about…..interesting.

15 06 2011

haa.,… eating watermelon and eyeing the durian.

15 06 2011
Benson Chiu

When reading, your brain and mind are moving but the posture is still. Interesting.

15 06 2011

Well, that depends how you’re reading! I read standing up and pacing up and down the room! 🙂

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