Rise and Shine

16 06 2011

I took this picture of the famous Huashan Sunrise on a recent trip to China.

Early mornings…

One key reason why I wake up early is to enjoy movement.

1. I get to see things that others don’t. Early morning light is amazing. For me, this is definitely the most beautiful part of the day. The sun is creeping up slowly from behind the hill, and bars of gold and yellow paint give the surroundings a heavenly hue. I saw this little plant on on an early morning photo walk – the soft rays of the sun caught it from the side and gave it a golden halo. I wouldn’t have seen this if I had come even an hour later.

2. Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day for sure. Slices of soft, whole wheat bread with smooth peanut butter topped with slices of banana, coupled with some early morning reading – what more could I ask for? I wouldn’t have time for this indulgence if I stayed in bed.

3. Exercise. Early morning runs and bike rides. Yoga on the roof top – literally doing sun salutations. I kick start the day with exercise and it leaves me feeling pumped for the rest of the day.

4. Peace. It’s an amazingly peaceful feeling to walk around the campus/my home knowing that you’re the only one awake. In all the peace and quiet, I get to notice things that may otherwise be glossed over. It’s also a great time for thinking – I’m not distracted by all the other things that will pile up as the day moves along.

5. Head start. By the time everyone else is awake, I’ve already been up for a long while! I can pack so much more into the day and feel productive.


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7 responses

17 06 2011

can see that you enjoy life so much :p

17 06 2011


17 06 2011


17 06 2011

Sorry, I really can’t help it!! I think I need to get one of these: http://saveabull.com/2011/pit-bull-service-dogs-the-peanut-butter-sniffing-dog/

17 06 2011

Agreed. Can I have one for Cheese? :p

25 06 2011
Jack Jiang

You got the name of the mountain wrong!!!! Taishan not Huashan… 🙂

25 06 2011

Oops! What was I thinking…

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