Looking for stories in HK’s back alleys

23 06 2011
I was looking for a story today. I had my camera, and I wanted to find a good story to tell. The main streets had people waltzing about, walking to school, walking to work, waiting for trams, reading their papers…but I couldn’t feel the life in them. Perhaps it’s my eye not looking into the details enough, I really couldn’t find anything remotely interesting!
So I made a turn into a back alley, and although I don’t think these photos do the alley complete justice, I do feel like I’ve captured something nice today…something worth sharing. Click on the photos to view them on Flickr – the colours will show up much better. 

HK back alley. I really like all those photos of old doors, so I thought I'd do a variation of one and took this photo.


Off to work.

Heart warming...warning? This caught my eye. It's the most unlikely pair of signs I've seen yet!

HK back alley

HK back alley

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