Marvelous Musical Movement

24 06 2011

Tonight’s movement was a musical one.

Listening to Midori and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra play Tchaikovsky’s electrifying violin concerto in D Major with what the Financial Times referred to as “spitfire energy” was most invigorating. Her violin playing was deft to say the least, yet not compromised by any sense of timidity, making the entire performance full of energy and excitement. What I loved most was the layering of the main melody throughout, kick-started first by Midori’s violin, then gradually built up with the rest of the string instruments, and finally topped off with the wonderful woodwinds, brass (which I maintain as being the sexiest instruments of the lot), and of course, the ever present, ever important timpani.

The next piece performed by the orchestra was Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 in E Minor. I wasn’t familiar with this piece, and its melody wasn’t  quite as evident as the violin concerto. It started slowly, but I particularly enjoyed the way the orchestra came together multiple times to play in unison. All the string instruments would  play simultaneously, making very nice uniform movements with their bows, and then the woodwinds, brass and timpani would all come in to shake the entire performance hall with the music’s vibrancy and vivacity.

I’m all pumped for more movement. What a great night of music!




One response

25 06 2011
Benson Chiu

Indeed, I enjoy very much too last night. We should explore next opportunity.

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