Biking on a pancake, eating pancakes

12 07 2011

It’s pancake time!

Have you ever biked on a huge pancake? Probably not.

Well, I have. Right here in the Netherlands!

The Netherlands is really as flat as a pancake. Looking at the map on my Lonely Planet guide’s cover, I see a good portion of this country below sea level, and the rest of it at not more than 200m above sea level. It’s a wonder to bike on, really!

My family and I have done three days of biking on our trip to the Netherlands. We started with a cultural ride around the bustling city, then another day in the city of Eindhoven (around 90 minutes away by train from Amsterdam) where my friend gave us a wonderful tour through the forest and across the border to Belgium! The third biking day took us along portions of the beautiful ‘Waterland Route‘.

What was good about it? The views, for one. Acres and acres of flat land just stretching out before us with winding bike paths weaving us in and out of this Dutch rural beauty.

Flat as a pancake and a wonder to bike on.

But the good stuff doesn’t stop here! Not only were we biking on a pancake, we also stopped by a snug little cafe called De Witte Swaen in the town Broek in Waterland to eat finger-licking good pancakes. The cafe serves over 60 different kinds of pancakes (pannekoek), both sweet and savoury.We treated ourselves to one of the cafe’s specialties, pancake napoli, and also pancake Hawaiian. I loved it!

Pancake Napoli pancakes napoli: a sauce made with nice pitt 100% beef, mushroom, tomato, garlic and peppers.

Pancake Hawaii: ham, pineapples and cheese.

So there we go: biking on a pancake, eating pancakes. A nice combo!




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