Norway in Pictures…

18 07 2011

These are some of my favourite pictures from my trip to Norway. You can click on them to view them on Flickr, where the colour shows up much better.


Waiting for the ferry at the pier in Kinsarvik, a village in the Haradnagerfjord.

Sunset in Bergen.

Took this picture on our walk along the 'Royal Post Road' in the Naeroyfjord.

Reflections - Hardangerfjord.

A old pier by Edvard Grieg's villa.

A lagoon I passed on the hike from Fløyen to Ulriken (the 'Vidden Hike')

Monastery ruins on the Høvedoya Island the Oslofjord

An electrifying street drummer. He attracted quite a crowd!


Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

Sundial in the Vigeland Sculpture Park




6 responses

18 07 2011

I am glad that You came for visit to Scandinavia. Norway is gorgeous, I know it, because I have driving there to the most Northern point to where one can drive in Europe.

I wish that You could have made a visit in Finland, because we have many interesting things, which no other country cannot offer.

I show few from my blog:

One of the most beautiful and historic castles in the world:

World’s biggest wooden church:

A place where we spent a week:

This kind of art You cannot find anywhere else in the world:

These were only few examples from my blog.

Next time You might visit my “unknown” country.

Happy travel and blogging!

18 07 2011

Thanks for sharing your photos with me, @sartenada.

19 07 2011

Are you betraying our cows just like that, with Norwegian ones? I know everyone is so on about blondes and all, but, really, I didn’t expect that from you… *sobs quietly in the corner thinking of the shock the cows will have to face when you return to LPC, your mind filled with new adventures*

19 07 2011


I’m not quite following!


20 07 2011
Benny CHIU


Lovely photos. Please Keep taking nice shoots when you have time & mood and share it with us.

20 07 2011

Thank you! I’ll definitely make sure to keep taking photos.

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