Watching the Hongkers: Things you Learn from Living in HK

25 07 2011

Expanding on my earlier post, ‘Watching the Hongkers’,  here are a few things that you tend to pick up – consciously and unconsciously – after years of living in Hong Kong.

1. Very good agility in extremely crowded areas like Central MTR station at peak hours. This means being able to get from point A to B despite having a million people blocking your way. How? Keeping your head held high, making quick nimble movements with your feet as well as your entire body, weaving in and out of people, abruptly (but smoothly, somehow) changing body positioning so as not to crash into other strangers

2. Becoming squeezable. Squeezing yourself into the smallest possible area on the bus, tram and MTR – before the doors close, millimeters from your face.

Not quite HK, but you get the idea. Squeezable, squishable sardines. Photo by yushimoto_02

3. Very Serious Multitasking. Seen someone watching a movie on their iPhone, getting off the train, maneuvering between the crowd all at the same time before? They’re probably Hongkers. Time costs here. So we make do with some Very Serious Multitasking.

4. Eating super fast. You can’t really help it if your meal arrives in front of you, piping hot, within 60 seconds of you ordering it – as is the norm at the famous cha chan teng Australian Dairy Company.

5. Keeping off grass. There’s not a lot of grass in HK. And when there is, there’s probably a sign telling you to KEEP OFF. So we’re pretty good at doing that too.

This mean is by no means exhaustive. It’s just a quick little fun brainstorm that I though I’d do. So if you have any other things that you’ve learnt and don’t mind sharing, pop them in the comments below!




3 responses

26 07 2011
Benny CHIU

Mary, if people can get into the MTR before 8a.m., it has not as crowed as you described. After relocated back to HK office since Dec last year, I love taking MTR and ferry to work which allowing me to read the news on my HTC during the journey. I love the weather of HK comparing to GZ, i love the sky of HK, and I love my view from my office. Haha!
Keeping off the grass, yes but except in Community Sports.
Eating super fast, yes but except our family dinner gathering.
Very serious multitasking, yes except sleeping.
Becoming squeezable, yes also in elevator.

3 08 2011

How about an indoor winter during summer? (buses!)

3 08 2011

Ooh yes! Buses, shopping malls, supermarkets….brrr!

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