To Become a Champion, Fight One More Round

3 08 2011

To Become a Champion, Fight One More Round.    James Corbett

When I read this quotation a few years ago, I knew that this was my philosophy.

Champions aren’t born. I believe that talent is important, but pure hard work is what nails it more often than not.

I take ‘fight’ to mean exert – to give it your all. You can fight one more round physically, but also mentally.

She’s a running champ because she trains more, but also because she trains with a better mindset: more concentration, more determination, more motivation.

He’s top of the class because he studies more, but also because he learns with the optimal mentality: more curiosity, more initiative , more skepticism.

This is the philosophy that I keep in whatever I do. If I’m going to do something, I want to do it well – and so I fight one more round. I’ll get up early and run. I’ll jump into the pool and do 1000m before the actual training session starts. I’ll read more, write more. I’ll do more, but most importantly, I’ll do it with the best mindset I can possibly have.

It pays off to fight one more round, and it definitely feels very rewarding when you see results. This summer, I was determined to improve my swimming. I signed myself up for 3 sessions of training a week, and on top of that, I swam before training, after training, as well as the remaining days of the week. And guess what? It paid of, because my times have improved!

That sure felt good.

At the end of the day though, the reality is that I won’t ever be a top competitive swimmer –  it isn’t my strength, and I realise that. But that doesn’t matter to me, because as important as it is for me to be a champion, I also believe that it’s being your own champion that matters.

So, fight one more round. Give it you all. Be a champion – your own champion.




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5 08 2011
Benny CHIU

Mary. I like that. Fight one more round, no matter what kind of the result came up with, you did try your best, beat down the devil in your heart, adjust your mindset again, think positive when facing another upcoming challenge.

Most important, you must know what is your strength, that is your gift, don’t waste it. let it brighten your lift.

28 08 2011
Back from 2XTRI… « myMOVEMENTS

[…] double triathlon as my first excites me! Excellent movement, excellent fun…I feel like my own champion, as we always should. Eco World Content From Across The Internet. Featured on EcoPressed […]

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