Black, White and Read all Over

14 08 2011

Newspapers are the thing in HK. Every you go, there’s guaranteed to be someone reading the news – the old school, classic, ink-on-paper kind of news.

Why is it that Hong Kong’s newspaper industry is still going strong despite the onslaught of technology? More on this on a later post…for now, here  are some photos from a recent morning ramble around Causeway Bay. (As usual, click on the photos to view them on Flickr)




4 responses

15 08 2011
Benson Chiu

Profitability make this industry survive and strong.

15 08 2011
Mary Hui

Yes, but why is it profitable here while so many newspapers in other cities are struggling with plummeting subscription numbers?

19 08 2011

Maybe the newspapers are only profitable here because of the combination of two factors: increase in technology and the increasing amount of old people…

Even though there is an influx of technology, it doesn’t mean that everyone can keep up with it! Since the HK population dynamics consist of a high percentage of old people (+60 years old), “free newspapers” are extremely popular amongst this group (which is coincidentally the largest group). After all, the “free newspapers” (The Standard) are so accessible and just… everywhere.
Also, because HK is so developed in technology, I think it can cope with the competition by implementing cheap manufacturing and publishing methods?

19 08 2011

Love your comment! Yes, I also think it’s due to the relatively old population in HK. The Y-generation presence in HK doesn’t seem very strong, either, so that might be another reason – we lack a core group of ‘early adopters’ to push out the consumption of new technologies. Whereas in Silicon Valley you see all these Y-gens with amazing start ups, Y-gens are nowhere to be seen HK!

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