Movement 134.

5 09 2011

One hundred and thirty four people slowly filtering in onto the grounds of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong…

Each year, LPC says goodbye to half its population. What defined half of LPC for one full year leaves to pursue their own dreams.

Now, as one hundred and thirty new students arrive, LPC embarks on another journey.

They are the new half of LPC – the half that makes LPC whole.

I think this, among a host of other factors, is what makes LPC such an exciting place to be. Rarely do you ever come across an institution where each year is completely different from the one before: the people, groups, dynamics, culture, energy. And yet there is no loss of identity or definition – rather we build on our foundations, and add new elements to the thrilling melting pot of brilliant minds.

As the two halves slowly begin to mingle, a new blend emerges. There are new forms of interaction, new ideas, new thoughts, new minds. At the same time, we are still on the same journey as before: bringing people from across the world together – uniting people, nations and cultures.

I can sense excitement in the air, and am thrilled to be able to both take part in, and witness, this momentous movement of two halves in a singular whole.







3 responses

6 09 2011
Martin Hui

Great, Mary.
You are always postive and enthusiastic to deal with changes and new challenges!
Martin Hui

12 09 2011

As the oldest half departs, it scatters.
The semi-conservative replication process of LPC’s population allows for changes. And it is from the half that scatters that each individual from the new half is built. And as the individual bonds with the half that remains, it adapts and gets modified.
Some of the chaperonning staff corrects the influences of either half of the original population. Some go underground and become rampant mutations, later called traditions and heritage.
And the half that has scattered can see it’s legacy well used, can see how similar the new half is, yet how differently it will interact with the conserved half.
And the half that has not yet been scattered but starts to feel the mitosis coming knows that its legacy to the next replicated half will not be lost, and therefore it enjoys every second of its time in LPC. And feeds the community the best it has.
And that is how you get such a great population by the end.
Have a great year.

14 09 2011

You phrased that so beautifully!

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