A wee bit of soul searching…

4 10 2011

It’s that time of the year again when hoards of final-year high school students search far and wide on the Internet for universities and colleges to apply to. I myself am going through this process now, and along with it, a wee bit of soul searching.

Why soul searching? For one thing,  actively assessing whether a certain university will suit me means asking myself what I want to do, what kind of living environment I would enjoy, how I like to work, and so on.

The ‘meat’ of the soul searching, however, comes later. The search really shifts up a few gears when you move on to the next stage of the whole application process: that of writing college essays.

Imagine writing essays for questions like:

  • Find x.
  • Using the following quotation from “The Moral Obligations of Living in a Democratic Society” as a starting point, tell us about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world:
    “Empathy is not simply a matter of trying to imagine what others are going through, but having the will to muster enough courage to do something about it. In a way, empathy is predicated upon hope.”
  • Imagine looking through a window at any environment that is particularly significant to you. Reflect on the scene, paying close attention to the relation between what you are seeing and why it is meaningful to you.

It really takes a lot of soul searching to answer questions as thought provoking as these. You’ve really got to dig deep into the crevasses of your own personality that have until now been hidden from view, obscured by the hubbub of daily routines.

The question I’m asking myself now is, “What are my values?”

I’ve never given this question a thought ever before, but some quick Googling brought me to this list of values – and I’m struck by how many values I actually have.

My soul-searching/college essay writing process is still in its early stages, but I hope to have an epiphany sometime soon – perhaps on my hike tomorrow!






4 responses

7 10 2011

Can I join the hike? 🙂
Also: which College is asking you to find x? That is pure brilliance.

7 10 2011

Of course, fly over and join the hike! (We did Maclehose 1 and 2 plus Sharp Peak on Wednesday, planning to do Maclehose 4 and 5 plus Lion Rock next)
University of Chicago is asking people to find x – I’m not applying to Chicago though, just saw it on a list of thought provoking questions!

8 10 2011

That’s a nice topic.
Who are you hiking with? Got some highly motivated Y1?

10 10 2011
Benny CHIU

What are your values? better share with Uncle Benson, he gets lot of ideas. But from my point of view, you will realize more values than your thought after finished a bachelor degree and find out the career you desire. At this moment, stay hungry and foolish, always seeking the answers, advices for your questions, sharing your views with your parents, seeking guardian from sage, trying to express yourself in writing and in fact more important verbally. I am sure you will be a great talent in coming years.

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