Three Self Portraits

17 01 2012

Leap. (Click for better quality)

I’ve always been fascinated with this idea of the Self.

What is the self? Does it exist independent of the Other – is it something self contained, an organic creation from within? Or does its existence depend on interactions with the external world?

Still Movement. (Click for better quality)

Self knowledge, I think, is one of the most important forms of knowledge to acquire. Forget trying to stay up to date with all that’s happening in the world – you’ll drown in it. And what’s the point of understanding something else, if you can’t even understand yourself? What is the value of knowledge if you can’t approach it as your own distinct self, with your own values, beliefs and ideals?

Ready. (Click for better quality)

Anyway, in this post you will have seen three self-portraits. They all say something about me – at least I think they do. For those who know me, which portrait do you think best captures the essence of me? Let me know!





6 responses

17 01 2012

For me, it’s the third one.

another great post 🙂

17 01 2012

Thanks Anna! Interesting – what makes you choose the third one?

17 01 2012

for me, it is the third one too, cos you are always getting y ourself ready!

18 01 2012

For me it is number two – a rare quite moment for you spent pondering the bigger things in life

28 01 2012

This was my reasoning, yeah?
At first, I instinctively went for the first one. It’s frozen motion, and I mean, it embodies your movement, zest for life, and freedom, in a very obvious way.

The second one I liked as well, and it seemed to juxtapose the first in that your thoughts were brought to an intensity, stillness, and depth, that again, I think characterizes you and how you approach everything.

The third, actually, didn’t strike me as much as the other two. What did it for me was your eyes looking down at the bridge, and then the two pictures above sort of came together. Because you know, everything you’ve achieved Mary is because of hours and hours and hours of hard work, whether you enjoyed it or not, it’s true. So your mental and physical preparation and everything that you are and have become is completely reflected in that pose and expression.

That’s just how I see it!! You might disagree! But, that’s why I chose it! xD

28 01 2012

Wow…thanks for sharing that with me Anna 🙂
I also had a feeling about the third one…I felt some kind of bond with that photo in particular – something more subtle and less in-your-face than my first photo. But I just couldn’t put my finger on the feeling…and ended up submitting the first one for our weekly photography challenge. Now that you’ve shared your reasoning though, I think my favourite photo might just be the third one too!

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