The Moment When Nobody’s Watching

13 02 2012

The Moment When Nobody’s Watching.

Such was the photography challenge for this week and, armed with my new 35mm Nikkor lens, I hit the streets of Soho looking for the perfect moment when indeed, nobody was watching…

I particularly liked this photo. On the left you have a female monk, and on the right a man with a sharp looking Lafuma sports jacket. One is facing one way, the other facing the other way. Neither is looking at the camera. In fact, the female monk has her hand against her forehead – whether she was scratching an itch, or realised that a camera was pointed at her, I have no idea. But this photo spoke to me – I saw within it an inkling of a story. Of course, there is no fully developed narrative to really pull you in, but I felt that the angle, the composition and the lighting all fit in quite well in this photo.

Meh. I like the expression on this lady’s face as she walked through the crowded wet market lugging two large rubbish bags over her shoulders, but what’s really lacking here is a story. I’ve found that a lot of my street shots have focused singular characters rather than the scene, the group, the stories of people and how they interact together. As much as portraits of people on the streets can be powerful, I just feel that I need to keep on the look out for more dynamic photos.

Not quite as happy with this photo as I was with the first one. Just a boring old shot of a lady at the market.

So there you have it. Three quick photos from a quick photo walk through Soho. (The photo walk was frustratingly unfruitful in terms of the number of photos I got out of it…but it served as a nice reminder of keeping my eyes peeled for narratives).

Off I go to bed!

p.s. Check out my Flickr page for more photos.




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