Hong Kong Gets Social!

14 02 2012

Yes, Social Media Week HK is here.

This is perhaps one of the most exciting conferences I’ve seen in Hong Kong: a week long event, running simultaneously together with 12 other cities around the world, bringing together innovative minds, fresh ideas and a collective passion for all things social…all with the intention of Empowering Change Through Collaboration.

Hong Kong Gets Social

Hong Kong has so much potential to become an international social media hub. Us Hongkies aren’t typically known as a social center – but in this day and age, it’s not enough to simply be an international financial center. If Hong Kong wants to stay ahead of the game, to attract the most brilliant minds from around the world, social media is a prime focus point.

Here’s a cool statistic that may take you by surprise: over 52% of the HK population are on Facebook. That places it 13th highest in the world in terms of Facebook penetration rate.This is big stuff. And it just goes on to show how much untapped potential is out there in Hong Kong.

My First Dabble At Journalism

To add to my excitement, I’ve signed up to be an Official Contributing Blogger for Social Media Week HK. This would be my first hands-on experience at ‘officially’ covering an event, and I’m thrilled to be able to get some hands-on  journalistic experience.

Social media, writing, journalism, photography, music…all thrown together in a week of exciting events. Can it get any better than this?




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