The Search for Music

18 02 2012

XXX Gallery - venue of 'PitchYrCulture', a Social Media Week HK event.

It’s a Friday night and I’m walking down a quiet street in Sheung Wan. Most of the shops are closed now. I’m looking for the XXX Gallery, supposedly on 212 Wing Lok Street, but I don’t see anything half resembling a gallery. I’m pretty convinced that I’m lost.

I spot a metal door, tucked discreetly away on the side of the pavement. XXX, the door cries in bold black letters  emblazoned across a slick white background. Here? I look around and, luckily, see the big ‘Social Media Week HK’ standup sign. So this is it. I push open the door. I walk down the stairs. I push open another door, into some kind of basement. A funky ambience greets me. Aha. I’ve finally found the place.

The PitchYrCulture Crowd. Funky, energetic and lovable.

This is PitchYrCulture, an event presenting various speakers who will tell their personal stories under the theme of ‘Social Media and the Search for Music’ and then share a song for our collective indulgence. As I sit there listening to the speakers, live-tweeting, and enjoying the music, I begin to grasp the importance and significance of music to our world.

Music isn’t just a series of notes, a nice tune thrown together with a catchy beat. Each and every piece of music, as the speakers will show, has its own story: not only the musician’s story, but the listener’s story of how they came to discover and fall in love with the song.

Music isn’t linear either. With the exponential growth of Internet technology and social media, it often appears as if the world of music is moving relentlessly in one single direction: forwards and into the future. We download the newest singles, watch the latest music videos, share the freshest albums. But to assume that social media is only pushing us forwards would be a gross misconception. As the speakers told their stories, it occurred to me that as much as it pushes us forward, social media also allows us to reach back into time and savour again the obscure, lost corners of the historic music world. Each piece of music has its story, be it old or new, futuristic or nostalgic.

Such is the complexity, vivacity and profundity of music.

As the event drew to an end, I feel a giddy, happy sensation. For far too long I’ve been frustrated by not knowing where to look for good music. My overly ‘mainstream’ music collection has been a source of endless iritation (and I must admit, a self-conscious embarrassment). I was tired of only listening to songs on the top charts, or songs with the same chords over and over again. But where was I supposed to start looking?

Tonight, I think I’ve found the perfect solution: PitchYrCulture!




One response

18 02 2012

sounds a cool event! haaa, i remember playing random songs in our room ;p good point about media pushing us forward. !

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