A Strength Workout

18 06 2012

I’ve been back from the 15th Asian Junior Athletics Championships for nearly a week now. But as with any kind of competition, the excitement, thrill, and the determination to unlock more of my human potential lives on.

My event at the Championships was again the steeplechase – I’ve developed a sort of obsessive attachment to this exhilarating race. The seven and a half laps, the 28 hurdles, the 7 water barriers…with each race, I’ve become more and more attached to the steeplechase.

Concretely, I suppose I did alright at the Championships. I clocked a 11’46″96, six seconds faster than the week before and setting a new Hong Kong Junior Record. That was nice. But one of the biggest disappointments came as I rounded the final bend and into the final 100m stretch. There was a Vietnamese competitor right in front of me. She had been half a step behind me for the entirety of the last lap, but as soon as we stepped off the water hurdle, she was off.

I know I wanted badly to overtake her, to fend off her challenge and to place 5th. But I also remember watching her pull away, speeding off, while, try as I might, my legs just didn’t have it in them anymore to accelerate. Now the question is, could I have gone any faster, physically? Or did I lose it mentally – did my mind budge at that critical moment? Did I not want it badly enough to endure one last push?

That, I think, was the most excruciating part of the race: the state of half-knowing that I had already pushed myself as hard as possible, but also the state of half-knowing that perhaps I could have done just a little more…

Closing ceremony of the Asian Junior Athletics Championships, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Anyway, now that I’m back in HK, it’s straight back into training. I’ve been focusing on running so much lately that my usual twice-weekly circuit training sessions have kind of taken a back seat. So I decided to start some strength work again, with a focus on both muscular endurance and explosive power. Here’s my strength workout from this morning.

WARMUP: 15 minute bike

1 minute plank
20 leg raises with 1kg medicine ball held between my feet
20 scorpions (10 each leg)
25 butterfly sit ups
1 minute right plank (last 30 seconds dynamic)
1 minute left plank (last 30 seconds dynamic)

30 squats (holding one 20lb dumbbell)
30 lunges (holding two 10lb dumbbells overhead)
30 lateral cone hops
30 alternating leg box jumps
30 jump squats (holding two 10lb dumbbells)

30 single arm rows (15 on each arm, holding one 20lb)
5 burpees, jumping up into a chin up
25 tricep dips
15 bench presses (holding two 15lb dumbbells)
25 Indian pushups

3 sets of 12 Roman Chair back raises (holding one 20lb dumbbell)

and finally….

30 minutes




2 responses

18 06 2012

Holy shit.

19 06 2012

Haha! Thanks Anna, I like your response!

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