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In Organic Hungry Hong Kong, Corn as High as an Elevator’s Climb 

Rooftop farms flourish as Hong Kong worries about tainted imports

Hong Kong Rents Push Out Mom and Pop Stores

Small retailers forced out as chains seeking China access drive up costs






As China’s Control Grows, Hong Kong media freedoms recede


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PU soaks in ultra pointers – Reed talks on lessons of runs

1,250 runners take part in half marathon


Class Assignments

As China Invests in Africa, Complicated Questions Arise





News Today – Hong Kong Uprising  

Princeton University student captures the faces of Syrian refugees 



The Great Escape                

I visit Freeing HK, and find out what it’s like to break out of a locked room – blindfolded and handcuffed.

A Market Decline

I tell a tale of the pungent and poignant allure of Hong Kong’s wet markets.



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