R.I.P. Procrastination

13 06 2011

If achievement is movement, then procrastination is definitely a lack of movement.

So you might have guessed that I hate procrastination with a passion – this is how I like to move through my day and get things done.

  1. Write down a feasible to-do list for the day. For me, no more than five tasks.
  2. Not all tasks are created equal. I prioritise my tasks, with the top two being the most important. If nothing else, these are the two things I’ll finish by the end of the day.
  3. Work in bite size chunks. On a typical school day I will have two 2 hour working slots. When I start to work, I tell myself that this is all the time that I have – so I’d better concentrate and get moving!
  4. Every 30 minutes I take a short power break. (Kind of like the 30-10 hack from zenhabits) Walk around. Breath. Do a handstand. Jump. Then it’s back to work.
  5. At the end of the two hour slot I take an extended break. I go for a run, or dinner followed by a nice walk, or whatever else I feel like.
  6. After I finish up my second two hour time slot, I stop working. We could all carry on forever, but what’s the point? Go and do something else, and come back to it fresh tomorrow.
  7. Before I go to sleep I review my to-do list. I cross out what I’ve done, and carry over to the next day’s list what I haven’t done.

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